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Saunas and massages

What will you find in our wellness centre?

Get pampered, revitalize your skin and ease your mind.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna benefits for our health are indisputable. Your body starts to get rid of toxins after few minutes in sauna. Sauna positively influences respiratory tract, engorges your organism and boosts your immune system.

We definitely recommend the Finnish sauna for the regeneration of the entire organism after a day full of sport.

Sauna temperature:
90 °C
Recommended length of stay:
20 min.

Herbal sauna

You will appreciate the herbal sauna especially if the dry sauna is too hot for you or you prefer going to sauna with kids. Your respiratory tract will be eased when you inhale the air filled with herbs. The sauna helps in prevention of respiratory tract diseases and boosts the immune system.

Sauna temperature:
Recommended length of stay:
20 min.

Relax room

Pleasantly heated room in front of the sauna zone entrance is designated mainly for the relax of the body after being in sauna. The relax room atmosphere is enriched by a fire place and pleasant aromatic essences. You will also find there a refreshment corner with water and fruits to refill lost liquids.

Tepidarium temperature
25 °C

Jet Whirlpool

Favourite jet whirlpool will excellently relax whole body. The side and bottom jets will massage and engorge back and extremities and you will feel as born again. Whirlpool in our wellness centre is suitable for up to 6 persons.

Water temperature:
37 °C
Recommended stay:
20 min.


Enjoy a soothing massage for the regeneration of the body, skin and mind during your holiday. You can book a massage in the wellness centre but also in your own apartment. The front desk provides information about the updated offer of massages and prices.

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