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During your stay you can try several variations of meals directly at the resort or in the immediate vicinity of the apartment complex. Choose from our offer and arrange your meals according to your ideas.

Healthy, fresh and delicious


Breakfast restaurant

You can purchase buffet or served breakfast to your accommodation. Choose from the offer of sweet and savoury dishes, fruit and vegetable platters, hot as well as cold meals. We know healthy and tasty breakfast will give you the right start of a new day therefore you can be sure that you find fresh and aromatic delicacies in our resort every day.


Opening hours
07:00 - 10:00
Hilson resort

Many tempting options

Boarding during the day

Individual boarding

Do you prefer individual boarding? You can use fully equipped kitchen unit in our modern apartments and studios. It offers unlimited cooking options. Equipment: sink, cooking hobs, microwave oven, kettle and complete set of dishes for full cooking and dining.

Summer bistro

Visit our summer bistro and enjoy fresh and aromatic meals directly from the grill. We invite you to savour favourite burger, light summer salad or great panini of your choice. In summer bistro you will also find classic fast food such as American hotdog, fried cheese or chips. You can choose from refreshing alcoholic or soft drinks, liquors, wines, beers and coffees. You can stop for a short refreshment directly on a terrace by the bistro

Bistro opening hoursthe bistro is open daily from 8:00 until 20:00 during the season from 1 July until 1 September. The season may be extended. 


What would a summer holiday be without a proper barbecue party? In Hilson you will find 9 outer grills thanks to which you can enjoy favourite grill delicacies even every day. There is a seating for whole family located directly by the grills where you can spend joint moments full of fun, aromas and tastes. No prior reservation of the grills is needed, simply choose the one for you and have a pleasant evening with your close relatives.

Prístupnosť grilovceloročne / k dispozícii je 9 exteriérových grilov
Príslušenstvo ku griluDrevo a uhlie si môžete zabezpečiť vo vlastnej réžii alebo si zakúpiť grilovací set na recepcii za 10 €

Half board options


You can purchase half-board (buffet or served breakfast + 3-course dinner) provided in cooperation with Drak restaurant located in immediate vicinity of the resort. Daily menu can be viewed at the front desk. 

Dinners price: EUR 10.00/adult and EUR 7.00 /child up to 12 years

Drak restaurant

Stylish restaurant has been offering top quality meals for a long time and it welcomes you with a nice atmosphere and friendly staff. You can savour typical Slovak meals as well as specialities that not only look great but also be surely appreciated by your taste buds. Garden resort guests have 5% discount in the restaurant.

Dinner is served from 17:00 until 18:30.

50 m / 1 min. by walk

Pinus restaurant

Visit modern restaurant offering real culinary experience. You can try traditional meals in a new style, taste home-made bread and pastry or excellent pasta produced directly in the restaurant. The restaurant cooperates with the local suppliers thanks to which fresh seasonal offer of the meals and top quality of the ingredients are guaranteed.

Restaurant opening hours: Sunday – Thursday: 8:00 – 22:00, Friday – Saturday: 8:00 – 23:00

100 m / 2 min. by walk

Restaurants in the surrounding

Authentic taste of Liptov region
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