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Demänovská valley

Bobsled Ziarce

If you are fans of an adrenaline sport then your holiday in Liptov cannot be without a visit of mountain bobsleigh track in the FUN PARK Žiarce. The total length of the track je 1000 metres and it is the steepest track in our territory with the overall elevation of 120 metres. The maximum speed that can be reached is limited to 45 km/hour. You can set whether you reach it by a simple movement of the lever towards you (slowing down) or from you (speeding up). The bobsleigh where you are firmly strapped is ran on one aluminium tube in the height of approximately 1 metre above the ground. You do not need to worry at all, the drive on the bobsleigh track is safe and it can be performed also by the kids until 7 years of age. If you have a kid younger than 7, it is possible to be in one bobsleigh together but only up to the maximum allowed weight of 120 kg.

Detailed information

Opening hours9:00 – 17:00 (until 19:00 during summer). Operation of the facility depends upon the weather without rain.
AdressFUN PARK Žiarce, 031 01 Pavčina Lehota (Demä­novská Dolina)
Detailed informationhttp://ziarce.sk/bobova-draha/

Bobsled Ziarce

4km from Hilson


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