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Žiarska valley

Downhill on scooters

Scooter ride is a relatively new form of entertainment suitable for all the age groups. Somebody may like fast and exciting ride full of adrenaline, somebody prefers a peaceful walk full of beautiful nature views, the other one considers it as a pleasantly spent family afternoon. The scooter ride starts at Žiarska cottage where you will be instructed by the staff about the safety and equipped with a helmet. Then you will be given a scooter and the rest is on you. Whether you decide for a fast ride or a pleasant walk, it is only up to you. After reaching your target (parking near mouth of the Žiarska valley), you will hand over the scooter and helmet to the staff. 

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ContactMatej Kozák
Ul. 1.mája 1207/348
03101 Liptovský Mikuláš
Detailed informationhttp://kolobezky.eu/

Downhill on scooters

18 km from Hilson


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